Alliance THC Moonrocks

Alliance THC Moonrocks: sweet sealed jar, pleasant packaging with attractive labels. breaking up the moon rock was an interesting exploratory, as it was layered like a cupcake; fuzzy outside, lemony fresh smell, with a darker delicious kief inside. a few smooth hits gave an immediate uplifting buzz lasting 30-40 mins, giving way to an even keel and fuzzy feel.

Artwork by Mike Diana


Weed Dude Reviews Liquid Gummies Tropical Cherry THCa Flower - HYBRID Tropical Cherry, Clark Kent packaging for a Superman Sativa buzz with a mellow vibe. after a few hits, guitar playing sounded great, even better than usual! haha. the buds are insanely orangey, must taste it fresh! A real good smooth even smoke, that led to a verry berry uplifting experience.

Liquid Gummies Tropical Cherry THCa Flower

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Weed Dude Reviews Mellow Fellow - Warhol's Charged Blend Pineapple Express Pre-Rolls: Come on now, now can you go wrong with a Mellow Fellow, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe on the beautiful mini jar the mini doobs came in? and Pineapple Express Sativa? Where's Seth Rogen to party with me? I didn't realize this jar had blunts! the powder on the mini-blunts obscured the doobage, and when i opened it, there were 5 gorgeous pre-rolls! Smelled delish! Def Pineapple vibes, and the smoke was phenom. It lit and burned like a mini-cigar, smelled and tasted great, and we smoked it down to the end. Immediate sativa buzz, feeling reeeeaaal good and just kept getting better. Good energy, brain activity, just a nice intense high, cerebral and invigorating. good thing there was five, because there's now 3. haha! good stuff.

Mellow Fellow: Warhol’s Charged Blend Pineapple Express Pre-Rolls

first off, amazing packaging, full size window lets you see all the gorgeous fluffy bud in a silver/rainbow backing. Smoked a doobie, it wasn't sweet, but not harsh, that tasted better in the throat after the smoke. Tried the bud in a pipe to get a better taste, it was not as sweet as it looked, but once again, the aftertaste in the throat was nice, and a great relaxing buzz lasted quite awhile.

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