Mike Diana's Weed Dude Comix out Summer 2023

Weed Dude by Mike Diana
Comic Novel out Winter ’24

From the twisted world of Boiled Angel zine, comix legend MIKE DIANA presents the coolest cannabis comic superhero, WEED DUDE, out 2024!

Originally published online at MerryJane.com, WEED DUDE is a hilarious thought-provoking and visually striking work, Diana’s vibrant colors and psychedelic imagery explore the intersection of marijuana culture and counterculture, complete with aliens, crazy robots, sexy robots, evil scientist, cool monsters, and a green, ganja-smoking cat.

WEED DUDE compiles all the comics from MerryJane.com, PLUS one final unpublished 3-page story, 124 full-color pages total!  A must-read for fans of counterculture, marijuana culture, and underground comic books.

$42.00 postpaid, US only!
email Dude – at- WeedDude.net to reserve your signed copy!

The High Life of Weed Dude by Mike Diana

Read Weed Dude online at Maryjane.com


Weed Dude Reviews

High Times Cannabis Cup

Seriously exquisite packaging, the Grapeasaurex image of a t-rex guzzling grapes made me want to try this asap. The twisted paper lets you see the god-like blunt inside, and then when you open it, the indacloud rubber tip on top of the quality plastic tube with another cap was an indicator of the trouble this company went through to present a quality product: this fucking blunt was rolled by zeus, and tossed down from the heavens like a lightning doob from above. It is a majorly thick blunt with an amazing built in filter encased in glass, i mean, holy shit, the labor of love! and it smoked like a golden cigar, i felt like Spider Man or Clark Kent's boss with their stogie in hand. A really pleasant draw with a grapey flavor that eventually worked its way to the back of throat and lifted us higher as the sativa buzz buzzed for a very long time. Yet we were able to converse and work and enjoy our highs. One of the best products i've ever (been) experienced, Jimi.

Indacloud Grapeasaurus
D9-O Super Blunt

Weed Dude Reviews: Indacloud Notorious Backwoods Blunt

Indacloud Notorious B.I.G. Backwoods  Super Blunt

Weed Dude Review: Psilo Mart Amanita Pre Roll

Psilo Mart Mushroom
Amanita Pre-Rolls

a small jar with the cool flying monkey logo, and a clear look at the 7 mini doobs within. you'd think these baby burners would be done in a flash, but it burned slow and easy, and really had a nice taste before, during and after the smoke. the float came fairly quick and lasted quite a while, i'd say one of my best highs in quite awhile, along with a great taste. I'd be into trying the other flavors, happy to share these mini with my discriminating buds. Hail Baby Jesus Buds!

Flying Monkey Baby Jay’s Pre-Rolls

Weed Dude Reviews: Indacloud Sour Diesel Live Resin Bangers THCa Pre-Rolls

Indacloud Sour Diesel Live Resin Bangers THCa Pre-Rolls

One of the best to smoke over and over. The tube is neat and informative, i knew what i was getting as far as an indica wedding cake, and it delivered a pleasant party in my mind. After the initial smoke and buzz, the back of throat taste came on stronger, and the buzz kept lifting, which was really nice. Some doobies make you wanna listen to music and just relax, this is one of them. please sir, may i have some more?

Herban Bud THCa Pre-Rolls Wedding Cake

Weed Dude Reviews The Hemp Doctor Witches Brew D8 PreRolls

The Hemp Doctor  Witches Brew D8 Pre-Rolls

I wanted to ride the ghost train seeing the fine glass packaging, informative copy, and nice artwork, with a slit to view the amazing pre-roll within. Fat, perfect roll, we laughed at the perfection. Like lighting a log of love, an easy puff, a really slow burn, and immediate laughter from all within 5 mins as we all started doing "woo-woo" of the ghost train. how ya feelin'? "woo-woo!" want another hit? "woo-woo"! we were ghost train ridin' juggaloes for the next half hour or so, when the ghostly train of thought slowly eased into the satiated station of satiation. a really nice ride.

Brian’s Craft
Ghost Train Pre-Rolls

sweet sealed jar, pleasant packaging with attractive labels. breaking up the moon rock was an interesting exploratory, as it was layered like a cupcake; fuzzy outside, lemony fresh smell, with a darker delicious kief inside. a few smooth hits gave an immediate uplifting buzz lasting 30-40 mins, giving way to an even keel and fuzzy feel.

Alliance THC Lemon Cake Moonrocks

Weed Dude Reviews Liquid Gummies Tropical Cherry THCa Flower - HYBRID Tropical Cherry, Clark Kent packaging for a Superman Sativa buzz with a mellow vibe.  after a few hits, guitar playing sounded great, even better than usual! haha. the buds are insanely orangey, must taste it fresh!  A real good smooth even smoke, that led to a verry berry uplifting experience.

Liquid Gummies THCa
Tropical Cherry Flower

Weed Dude Reviews Indacloud D8 + D9 Dope Ropes!

Indacloud Dope Ropes

Weed Dude Reviews Mellow Fellow - Warhol's Charged Blend Pineapple Express Pre-Rolls: Come on now, now can you go wrong with a Mellow Fellow, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe on the beautiful mini jar the mini doobs came in? and Pineapple Express Sativa? Where's Seth Rogen to party with me? I didn't realize this jar had blunts! the powder on the mini-blunts obscured the doobage, and when i opened it, there were 5 gorgeous pre-rolls! Smelled delish! Def Pineapple vibes, and the smoke was phenom. It lit and burned like a mini-cigar, smelled and tasted great, and we smoked it down to the end. Immediate sativa buzz, feeling reeeeaaal good and just kept getting better. Good energy, brain activity, just a nice intense high, cerebral and invigorating. good thing there was five, because there's now 3. haha! good stuff.

Mellow Fellow Warhol’s Charged Blend
Pineapple Express Pre-Rolls

Raising The Consciousness
Increasing The Peace

Hemp Hop: Raising The Consciousness, Increasing The Peace
Hemp Hop Baseball Greensleeves

Baseball Greensleeves

Hemp Hop Black/Grey Sleeve Baseball Shirt


Hemp Hop Blue Shirt Top


Hemp Hop White LongSleeve Top

Heather Grey


Hemp Hop Grey Shirt

Grey TriBlend


Hemp Hop Tank Top

Tank Top

Hemp Hop Purple LongSleeve


Hemp Hop Green LongSleeve


Hemp Hop White Tank Top

Tank Top

Hemp Hop Mugs

Hemp Hop

Test Press 4: The Hemp Issue

The Hemp Issue

Test Press 4: The Hemp Issue Bonus Cassette!

Test Press 4
Exploitation Cassette

Pot Smoking is Cool by Mike Diana

Pot Smoking Is Cool
by Mike Diana