Indacloud Grapeasaurus D9-O Super Blunt

INDACLOUD GRAPESAURUS D9-0 SUPER BLUNT: Seriously exquisite packaging, the Grapeasaurex image of a t-rex guzzling grapes made me want to try this asap. The twisted paper lets you see the god-like blunt inside, and then when you open it, the indacloud rubber tip on top of the quality plastic tube with another cap was an indicator of the trouble this company went through to present a quality product: this fucking blunt was rolled by zeus, and tossed down from the heavens like a lightning doob from above. It is a majorly thick blunt with an amazing built in filter encased in glass, i mean, holy shit, the labor of love! and it smoked like a golden cigar, i felt like Spider Man or Clark Kent’s boss with their stogie in hand. A really pleasant draw with a grapey flavor that eventually worked its way to the back of throat and lifted us higher as the sativa buzz buzzed for a very long time. Yet we were able to converse and work and enjoy our highs. One of the best products i’ve ever (been) experienced, Jimi.

Weed Dude Indacloud Grapeasaurus Review by Jefe aka Johnny Chiba

Artwork by Mike Diana


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One of the best to smoke over and over. The tube is neat and informative, i knew what i was getting as far as an indica wedding cake, and it delivered a pleasant party in my mind. After the initial smoke and buzz, the back of throat taste came on stronger, and the buzz kept lifting, which was really nice. Some doobies make you wanna listen to music and just relax, this is one of them. please sir, may i have some more?

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