Indacloud Notorious Backwoods Delta 9-O THC Super Blunt

NOTORIOUS BACKWOODS DELTA 9-O THC SUPER BLUNT: Combining the true essence of Notorious rapper with the original blunt rolling cigar. These two iconic powerhouses are transformed into the Notorious Backwoods, an out of this world Indica SuperBluntâ„¢ experience. what’s left to say about this super blunt. The best packaging for a blunt i’ve ever seen, a magnificent rendition of Notorious BIG, seeing the mic in his hand and the blunt in the package is maximum impact. The blunt itself is impeccable, from the plastic(?) filter to the kief covered perfect shaped blunt, a torpedo. You feel like a king smoking this, it lights real easy and magnificently, and burns flawlessly, it’s a cigar lover’s, blunt lover’s perfect stogie. Tasted real good, and after only 3 tokes i was good. maybe 4. the high was quite alright, i kept getting waves of good taste in my throat/tongue and head, and my buddies were feeling great too; we laughed at the different rap and rock stars who should have their own blunts (Hendrix). The headband high and subsequent breathing exercises were highly conducive to an even higher high and a more baked buzz. These super blunts are kings. must. try. them. all.

Weed Dude Reviews: Indacloud Notorious Backwoods Blunt

Artwork by Mike Diana


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One of the best to smoke over and over. The tube is neat and informative, i knew what i was getting as far as an indica wedding cake, and it delivered a pleasant party in my mind. After the initial smoke and buzz, the back of throat taste came on stronger, and the buzz kept lifting, which was really nice. Some doobies make you wanna listen to music and just relax, this is one of them. please sir, may i have some more?

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