The Hemp Doctor Witches Brew D8 Pre-Roll

The Hemp Doctor – Witches Brew D8 Pre-Rolls:  The Doctor boasts the highest quality Delta 8 flower on the market. With premium flowers and distillates, you can experience a soothing and relaxing high, and you may find that Delta 8 is your go-to alternative to THC for years to come. Witches Brew is The Hemp Doctor’s number one selling CBD preroll, combines 12 different hemp flower strains into one preroll. The effects of smoking this combination alone will be out of this world, as a full mixture of indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains all get thrown into one delightful cauldron. As we cackled and mixed our Brew, we added CBD kief and CBG kief to the cauldron.

When you try Witches Brew, you will be delighted by the unique aroma and flavor of this mixture of hemp flowers. And with its wide range of flowers and the added kief, this Brew boasts an unbelievable level of cannabinoids. You will feel Witches Brew throughout your entire body as it brings on a state of relaxing euphoria while allowing you to function physically and mentally still.

Johnny Chiba: maybe not the fanciest packaging, but who cares, you know what you’re getting from the doctor! the doob was a perfectly rolled specimen and smoked like a perfect blunt, with an even ash all the way through. The buzz started early and kept building, in a euphoric, heady way, and the taste in back of throat kept changing… indica, sativa, kief, lives up to the name witches brew, like, what am i smoking? it makes me feel good and that’s all i need to know! Thanks Doc!

Weed Dude Reviews The Hemp Doctor Witches Brew D8 PreRolls

Artwork by Mike Diana


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One of the best to smoke over and over. The tube is neat and informative, i knew what i was getting as far as an indica wedding cake, and it delivered a pleasant party in my mind. After the initial smoke and buzz, the back of throat taste came on stronger, and the buzz kept lifting, which was really nice. Some doobies make you wanna listen to music and just relax, this is one of them. please sir, may i have some more?

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A small jar with the cool flying monkey logo, and a clear look at the 7 mini doobs within. you'd think these baby burners would be done in a flash, but it burned slow and easy, and really had a nice taste before, during and after the smoke. the float came fairly quick and lasted quite a while, i'd say one of my best highs in quite awhile, along with a great taste. I'd be into trying the other flavors, happy to share these mini with my discriminating buds. Hail Baby Jesus Buds!

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